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Duty free sales on Hainan up by 209.7% on first day of May holidays

Sales at Hainan's duty free stores amounted to 142 million yuan (about $ 21.9 million) on the first day of the May holidays, up by 209.7% from the same period last year, Haikou Customs Administration said as quoted by the "Hainan Daily".
On the first day of the weekend, over 22,400 people visited duty free stores on the island, who made a total of more than 232,000 purchases. The corresponding indicators in annual terms increased by 157.8% and 243.2%, respectively. Amid growing sales in duty free stores on holidays, the newspaper writes, regulatory agencies have tightened control over compliance with the current duty free rules.
A pilot program for the development of a chain of Hainan's duty free shops was launched by the Chinese government in 2011. Since July 1, 2020, the provincial authorities have increased the personal quota from 30,000 to 100,000 yuan (from $ 4,200 to $ 14,200) for purchases in the province's duty free shops. The list of duty free goods has also been expanded from 38 to 45 positions. Since February 2, 2021, Hainan has also launched a duty free delivery service to their destination by mail to customers leaving the island.
Two more duty free stores were recently opened on Hainan. Prior to that, there were seven stores on the island: two of them are located in the administrative center of Hainan Haikou, the rest — in the resort city of Sanya in the south and in the coastal town of Boao in the Qionghai region (the northeast of the island).