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Hainan's duty free store sales exceed $ 43 million on Valentine's Day

Sales in Hainan's duty free shops on Valentine's Day (celebrated on February 14) exceeded 280 million yuan (over $ 43 million at current exchange rates), reported www.hinews.cn on Monday. 

According to the news outlet, for the entire period from February 11, when the holidays marking the year of the White Ox celebrations began in China, which ran until last Sunday, these special retail outlets in the province were visited by about 98,000 people. According to official estimates, tourists and locals spent over 729 million yuan (over $ 113 million) there.
Thus, compared to the same four-day period last year, when the epidemic of the novel coronavirus seriously disrupted the operation of retail outlets across the country, Hainan's duty free sales increased by about 45 times.

As the news outlet specified, this year the island's duty free stores offered customers good discounts, and also organized a number of sales promotion campaigns. One of the main tasks in the current season was the expansion of both the quantity and the range of prestigious products in high demand.

In 2011, the Chinese government launched a pilot program to develop a duty free chain on Hainan. Over the past 10 years, the number of these shopping facilities has increased to nine: four are located in the resort city of Sanya on the southern coast, the same number in Haikou (the provincial capital) and one in the small town of Boao (eastern part of the island), where the Asian Economic Forum is held annually.

According to statistics, in 2020, sales in local duty free shops exceeded 31.5 billion yuan ($ 4.8 billion).